Books of Notes

Annette Degenhardt published her compositional work as books of notes.

The five volumes, which Annette Degenhardt wrote all by hand, contain detailed fingerings and playing explanations (tuning of the guitar, flageolets, glissandi, percussive effects etc.).

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"Nicht Eingebracht, Nicht Wild Erfuehlt" &
"Zwischentoene" (ANDEG 01 + 02/B, 108 pages)

"Waltzing Guitar" (ANDEG 03/B, 60 pages)

"Umwege" (ANDEG 04/B, 107 pages)

"Muse - Musette" (ANDEG 05/B, 78 pages)

"Farewell" (ANDEG 06/B, 68 pages)

"Bis der erste kühle Nebel zieht" (ANDEG 10/B, 21 pages)

"Der Tanz der Musikantin" (ANDEG 11/B)
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