The guitarist and composer Annette Degenhardt was born in Mainz.
From 1985 to 1990 she studied guitar at Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfort on Main.

In 1986 she brought out her first LP "Nicht Eingebracht, Nicht Wild Erfuehlt" (ANDEG 01), exclusively with solo guitar compositions of her own. In 1992 she published her second CD "Zwischentoene" (ANDEG 02) with new guitar compositions of her own.

Her third audio-publication "Waltzing Guitar" (ANDEG 03), 12 waltzes by herself for the

guitar, was recorded in 1994 in her attic flat in Mainz - Gonsenheim. Here also the fourth CD "Umwege" (ANDEG 04, 1996), the fifth CD "Muse - Musette" (ANDEG 05, 1998) and the sixth CD "Farewell" (ANDEG 06, 2000) were recorded.

The CD "The Best of Andeg 1-6" (ANDEG 07, 2001) represents a cross-section of her compositional work within the last 15 years and contains 14 pieces.

On the CD "The Land of My Childhood" (ANDEG 08, 2004) she has recorded five Irish and Scottish songs as well as a

Photo: Annette Degenhardt on concert

composition for the harp by Turlough O'Carolan which she arranged for the guitar.

On this CD » Sueños y lágrimas « (» Dreams and Tears «, ANDEG 09, 2005) she interprets music from Argentina: two masterly zambas composed for solo guitar by Eduardo Falú and Atahualpa Yupanqui respectively, two zambas for voice and guitar by Luis H. Morales and Ariel Ramirez respectively, as well as a piece for solo guitar entitled » Malambo del Sur «. Finally follows a song composed by the Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara entitled » Lo unico que tengo «.

On the CD "Bis der erste kühle Nebel zieht" (ANDEG 10, 2007) she has recorded five compositions of her own (four for solo guitar, one for the flute) as well as two Scottish-Galic songs.

On the CD "Der Tanz der Musikantin" (ANDEG 11, 2008) she has recorded four compositions of her own as well as three Scottish songs.

Annette Degenhardt gives concerts at home and abroad. She lives and works in Mainz.